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Submission Guidelines

Submissions are open for two weeks! Get them in by December 8!

We look for works of short fiction, creative non-fiction, and indeterminate prose. Like our name suggests, we are interested in literary art that manages brevity without sacrificing fullness. We like narrative, but we also like work that uses form to express something about the time in which we live.


We are most interested in works fewer than 1,000 words, but we will publish works with higher word counts if they are exceptional.

If we fancy your submission, you'll be asked to submit a companion piece to be included in matchbook's ongoing critical discussion, postings of which appear alongside prose submissions.

Send unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Being a writer is hard.


Please limit submissions to three pieces if they are longish. Five if they are shortish. If you submit more than one piece, please include them all in one document.

At this time, matchbook is able to pay $20 per accepted website submission. Submissions accepted through our Submittable page.

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