Volume 3: Ad Stories

The following pieces were placed as Google ads in Google's AdWords program in an attempt to litter the internet with stories. Before our first round of ad stories (see Volume 2 below), we found that this method of advertising had not been previously used as an art space, but very well could be. Volume 3's ad stories were displayed a total of 107,161 times in both Google searches and on websites where Google ads appear.

Homecoming Queen

“Get her face,” hissed Caroline.
“Then we’ll see who’s prettiest.”
by Simon Sylvester

New Hardwood Floors

I’m now intensely concerned with
exactly where my cat will throw up.
by Kelly M. Socia

Lunch Wars

She sneers at my pizza while she
stabs her salad. I take a big bite.
by Madeline Anthes

Complete Your Tax Return

We'll sleep well! Big day tomorrow.
Now, please can we make that baby?
by Kate Melville

Anti-reading Course

Enroll today. Unread letters,
regain juicy childish joy of ABCs.
by Maxine Marshall

To Keep Kids Innocent

8-yr-old: Mr. Jeffry goes to the
strip club. Me: He’s lying, David.
by Chelsea Ardle

The Beach

A dead bird on the shore –
This is not how I remember summer.
by Cara Long

Super Bowl CXI: Go Mars!

We haven’t won yet, but we make our
own luck like we make our own air.
by Naomi Parker

An Optical Conflict

How he sees it.
How she sees it.
by Dan Reiter

Never Really Had a Gun

Strange, the blood pooling at Joe’s
feet took on the shape of Africa.
by Rion Amilcar Scott

In Dreams I Find You

We roam foreign cities. You wake
halfway through saying my name.
by Dawn Sperber

Break Room Disaster

He wanted plain
but pushed the button for peanut.
by Tom Snee

SEO for the Kidnapped

She reduced her content to the word
“HELP!” to optimize search results.
by JM Francheteau

Madeline And The Shark

The mad, boiling, bubbling sound
she could never wash from her ears.
by Jacquelyn Bengfort

Lost Baggage

A grim grey airport scene
turns to flirtation over fries.
by Melissa Silverman

Simon Sylvester writes about memory, myth, and metamorphosis. He lives in Cumbria, UK, with his wife and daughter. His first novel is The Visitors.

Kelly M. Socia is an assistant professor in the School of Criminology and Justice Studies at UMass Lowell. His house has hardwoods floors and cats.

Madeline Anthes is a Cleveland native living in New Jersey. She’s an MFA student at Arcadia University. Check her website madelineanthes.com to see her publications.

Kate Melville is the nom de plume of a writer living in Orkney, UK. Her blog about forgetting is at goldfishblip.wordpress.com.

Maxine Marshall is an MFA student at NHIA and recent transplant to New England. She grew up in Salt Lake City where she received her MA from University of Utah.

Chelsea Ardle is an elementary school reading mentor, assistant editor for Vagabond City, ultimate frisbee player, plant enthusiast, nonfiction writer, and human living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Cara Long lives and works in upstate New York. Her first collection of short stories, Partly Gone, was published by Unsolicited Press in June 2014.

Naomi Parker works at a Boston nonprofit and lives in the suburbs. She dreams of living on Mars and working for herself.

Dan Reiter takes his truth with a muddle of lime. He lives at www.dan-reiter.com.

Rion Amilcar Scott is the author of the story collection, Wolf Tickets, forthcoming from Tiny Hardcore Press.

Dawn Sperber is a Santa Fe writer whose fiction has appeared in PANK, Gargoyle, Hunger Mountain and elsewhere. Read more of her stories at www.dawnsperber.com.

Ton Snee lives with his wife and son in Iowa City, where he has no connection to the Iowa Writers' Workshop, although he does know where the building is.

JM Francheteau writes and makes zines in Ottawa, Canada. His second chapbook, kids, is out with Hurtin' Crüe Press. http://jmfrancheteau.wordpress.com

Jacquelyn Bengfort is a writer in Washington, DC. Find her on Twitter (@jacib) or online at www.JaciB.com.

Melissa Silverman is a writer and political communications professional living in Washington, D.C. She spends a lot of time in airports.

Volume 2: Ad Stories

The following ad stories represent our first experiment with placing stories as Google ads. They were ultimately displayed a total of 91,264 times in both Google searches and on websites where Google ads appear.

Family Graveyard

The bodies by the river are under
quarried rock. They elude me.
by Jennifer S. Cheng

The World's Fattest Woman

When I saw her lazy in the tub
I thought “This woman enjoys life.”
by Christine Crutchfield

Subject to Monitoring

I.T. hasn't turned him in yet
because he's so fun to watch.
by Holly Gorski

The History of Their Life

Look at me—he said—this is always
what you get. So she tried harder.
by Kristin Abraham

The Spider

I saw a seven-legged spider trying
to climb a wall. I gave it a hand.
by Stephen Moles

Ray Drove the Highways

after the war. Late at night, moon
shining down, rain, whatever.
by Barry Basden

Mail Order

That guy with the Reindeer sweater?
He has the hottest wife of us all.
by Lorri McDole

Secret Admirer

Hopeful, he forwarded the casserole
recipe and waited for her reply.
by Codie Leiker

There Is A Season

She planted tulips on his grave.
They came up for years. Then not.
by Paige Sinkler

Joanna Went to the Mall

Happy, she sighed. Her back fat no
longer raged against the polyester.
by Codie Leiker

After Jed Hung Himself

God resurrected him: the same life
but fatter & bald. He tried again.
by Justin Maki

Ever since the accident

they had to let Lena do whatever
she wanted. No matter how dreadful.
by Catherine Lacey


The weight of guilt crushed him
‘It’s not stealing’ he whispered.
by Cath Murphy

There is no sound.

Her ear is on his cheek; his chin
scratches against her shoulder.
by Rachel Kinbar