Volume 2: Ad Stories

The following pieces ran as Google Ads in an attempt to litter the internet with stories. We found that this method of advertising had not been previously used as an art space, but very well could be. With the intention of running those that were accepted, we asked writers to write stories the size of Google ads. These ad stories were ultimately displayed a total of 91,264 times.

Family Graveyard

The bodies by the river are under
quarried rock. They elude me.
by Jennifer S. Cheng

The World's Fattest Woman

When I saw her lazy in the tub
I thought “This woman enjoys life.”
by Christine Crutchfield

Subject to Monitoring

I.T. hasn't turned him in yet
because he's so fun to watch.
by Holly Gorski

The History of Their Life

Look at me—he said—this is always
what you get. So she tried harder.
by Kristin Abraham

The Spider

I saw a seven-legged spider trying
to climb a wall. I gave it a hand.
By Stephen Moles

Ray Drove the Highways

after the war. Late at night, moon
shining down, rain, whatever.
By Barry Basden

Mail Order

That guy with the Reindeer sweater?
He has the hottest wife of us all.
By Lorri McDole

Secret Admirer

Hopeful, he forwarded the casserole
recipe and waited for her reply.
By Codie Leiker

There Is A Season

She planted tulips on his grave.
They came up for years. Then not.
By Paige Sinkler

Joanna Went to the Mall

Happy, she sighed. Her back fat no
longer raged against the polyester.
By Codie Leiker

After Jed Hung Himself

God resurrected him: the same life
but fatter & bald. He tried again.
By Justin Maki

Ever since the accident

they had to let Lena do whatever
she wanted. No matter how dreadful.
By Catherine Lacey


The weight of guilt crushed him
‘It’s not stealing’ he whispered.
By Cath Murphy

There is no sound.

Her ear is on his cheek; his chin
scratches against her shoulder.
By Rachel Kinbar