Submission Guidelines

Ad Story Submissions

Submissions are open for Ad Stories! We close on April 30.

matchbook will publish very tiny stories in the form of Google Ads found next to search results and on websites in an attempt to use the advertising system to work for art rather than against it.

It is important to know how these ads work. Say you search for short story in Google. You receive the results of your search. Alongside the results are one or more ads that have been linked with the search term short story.

Now imagine that instead of an ad for some dubious literary agency next to your search results, you saw a very short story. It might look something like this:

     Ted's Important Shoelace - By matchbook
Ted met Sara while out on a run. They married and later divorced out of shape.

Clicking on the ad would bring the clicker to matchbook's Volumes landing page, where all the ad stories will be collected.

HOWEVER: the purpose here is not to click your ad story. This is how the ads cost us money: per click. Instead, the point is to litter the internet with stories where stories have not previously been. It is not entirely helpful to send your friends to click on your ad story, but by all means, they should do searches and see if they can spot it.

These ads are very particular and not flexible in the space given. Stories must follow these requirements (character count includes spaces):

          Title: No more than 30 characters
          Byline: No more than 30 characters
          Story: No more than 80 characters

You may use the title as a part of your story provided that it can stand alone as the title.

Our definition of story here is loose, but it is most exciting to see how narratives take shape in such small spaces.

We will let you know how many times the ad stories appeared around the web. Ad stories will also be simultaneously published at matchbook in Volume 5.

We're accepting up to four ad stories in one document here. Please submit only once. At this time, matchbook is able to pay $20 per accepted ad story.

Website Submissions

Submissions are closed. We'll reopen again soon.

We look for works of short fiction and indeterminate prose. Like our name suggests, we are interested in literary art that manages brevity without sacrificing fullness. We like narrative, but we also like work that uses form to express something about the time in which we live.

We are most interested in works fewer than 1,000 words, but we will publish works with higher word counts if they are exceptional.

If we fancy your submission, you'll be asked to submit a companion piece to be included in matchbook's ongoing critical discussion, postings of which appear alongside prose submissions.

Send unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Being a writer is hard.

Please limit submissions to three pieces if they are longish. Five if they are shortish. If you submit more than one piece, please include them all in one document.

At this time, matchbook is able to pay $20 per accepted website submission.